Why Firefox ?

The much hyped firefox browser was released few months back and it took market by storm. IE users were enough frustated with spyware, BHOs and other security vulnerabilities to accept anything that promised a change.
Besides Java developers like me have a tendency to hate anything remotely related to Microsoft.

This browser is "open source" and it has a well documented source code. So one can find hundreds of Extensions/plugins developed by developers all over the world. I particularly like a plugin called WebDeveloper 0.8. It allows you to tweak, alter, highlight information with all web elements like forms, images, CSS, tables, blocks etc in just one click. If you are into Website design or Web based applications, this plugin is what you always wished for.

Who needs a RSS news reader, Firefox does syndication in one click by a new concept of Live Bookmarks.

Firefox forces programmers to strictly follows W3C rules, so a firefox compatible website will have quality web content. Thanks to firefox the web will be what it should be !!!

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