How to get location co-ordinates using Google Maps

When you explore the google map at its official site, and discover some interesting landmark or place you wish you could 'store' OR 'mark' it somehow for later reference, you find there is now way to do so.

Although the Google Maps Api has a concept of markers, the official maps because of their 'public' nature do not have any provision for marking or saving places on map.

In such scenarios you can obtain the exact co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) of the place and then use them to come back later to the same place without having to scroll and search the map much.

So how do you get the co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) of a place on the map ?
Well, this is easy. Follow this simple steps:

1. Double Click on the desired place. This will cause the map to center around the double-clicked place.

2. Right Click the 'Link to this page' link on the map and save the URL. This is how it looks like:

3. This is how the URl will look like:,72.815409&spn=0.036611,0.058537&t=k&om=1

4. Notice the part of URL with 'll' (over here its ll=18.952727,72.815409). 'll' stands for Lattitude-Longitude.
the first number (over here 18.952727) is Lattitude,
and the second number (over here 72.815409) is Longitude.

Besides the 't' in the URl stands for map type.
if 't is missing' then map type is Map. (default)
if 't=k' then map type is Satellite. (over here its t=k)
if 't=h' then map type is Hybrid.

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