Vasai on Google Map

I was playing around with Google Maps API and thought why not make a 'Google map' for my hometown 'Vasai'.

Vasai is a Suburban Town in the outskirts of Mumbai City. Vasai is located, 55 km north from city of Mumbai on the western Indian coast facing Arabian Sea, at approximately (19°20'N - 72°49'E) or about 77 km along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National highway (NH No.8).

Vasai once encompassed India's most powerful and prosperous colonial settlement. The most significant past in Vasai's history is the rein of the Portuguese, since they largely influenced or changed to what Vasai is today. Vasai is a well-known Tourist destination because of its glorious past and a historically important fort called 'Bassein Fort'.

Vasai (Bassein as it was called during that time) has a rich past. Due its strategic geographical location it witnessed many wars and fell into many hands such as Portuguese, Marathas and finally the British. The historically important 'Treaty of Bassein' led to the foundation of 200 year long rule of Britishers in India.

Here is the link of Local Yellow Pages of Vasai with Google Maps, Driving directions, Classifieds, Address, Phone and Fax numbers. It has details of schools, colleges, local businesses, cool hang out places, restaurants, hotels and much much more in Vasai.

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