Western Railway Google Map

Western Railway is a busy railway line which carries a record number of commuters who travel daily from their home in suburbs to their offices in the city and back. I travel daily in these trains with hundreds of other commuters.

So I thought why not make a google map of 'Mumbai City's Western Railway Line'. I believe this is the ONE and ONLY Google Map of Western railway ! (till date)

The XML based modular approach of Google Maps API makes it easy to replicate customized maps. All 'markers' can be added from an external XML file. I tweaked it a little to add descriptions also from the XML file.

Hence it was easy to make this one after I made one for my hometown (see previous blog post). The only difficult part is to get exact co-ordinates for which I use geo-locator websites, other mapping websites, Google Maps itself, Google Earth etc ....

Just roll-over the links and you get the description in a overhead pop-up-like box.

Here is its link on my website:
Western Railway Google Map

Screenshots :
(click on the thumbnails to view bigger picture)

Western Railway Google Map       Western Railway Google Map

Western Railway Google Map       Western Railway Google Map

Update : I have updated the maps to use Google Maps API ver 2.5, Now they have High resolution satellite images and they open in new window with full screen size.

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