Customized Mumbai Google Map

I have made Local Yellow pages of suburbs in Mumbai City using Google Maps API and Google Local Search API.

Use the drop-downs to select any place in Mumbai and specify your search criteria like schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, tourist places, shopping malls, theaters and much much more.

It has useful, daily updated information of 62 suburbs of Mumbai

For each of the above mentioned place, you can find information on more than 70 search criteria like:

Category Search criteria
Travel  Hotels
Travel  Travel Agents
Transportation  Bus stops
Transportation  Taxi cab and rickshaw stops
Transportation  Train stations
Restaurants  Chinese restaurants
Restaurants  Fast food and Coffee Shops
Restaurants  Pizza restaurants
Restaurants  Seafood restaurants
Restaurants  Vegetarian restaurants
Restaurants  Non Veg restaurants
Entertainment Clubs
Entertainment Movie Theatres and Multiplexes
Entertainment Parks and Gardens
Entertainment Tourist Attractions
Education  Colleges and Universities
Education  Schools
Government Offices Courts
Government Offices Fire Departments
Government Offices Police stations
Government Offices Post Offices
Health and Medical Animal Hospitals
Health and Medical Dentists
Health and Medical Doctor Clinics
Health and Medical Hospitals
Real Estate Real estate agents
Real Estate Apartment buildings and flats
Real Estate Rental Apartments
Real Estate Paying Guest Accomodation
Services Appliance Repair services
Services Automobile Repair services
Services Barbers and Beauty Salons
Services Car Rental services
Services Courier and Delivery services
Services Pest Control services
Retail Stores  Automobiles dealers
Retail Stores  Banks
Retail Stores  Clothing stores
Retail Stores  Electrical Equipment stores
Retail Stores  Electronics stores
Retail Stores  Furniture stores
Retail Stores  Petrol pumps and Gas stations
Retail Stores  Grocery and Supermarkets
Retail Stores  Hardware stores
Retail Stores  Jewelry stores
Retail Stores  Pharmacies and Medical shops
Retail Stores  Shoes stores
Retail Stores  Malls and Shopping Centers
Business Manufacturers
Business Wholesalers

You can visit them on my website at:
Local Yellow pages of suburbs in Mumbai City

Feel free to post your feedback, corrections, suggestions as a comment.

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