Matheran Train - A thing of past

We had gone to Matheran, a hill station near Mumbai this week end. It is a famous weekend picnic place for mumbaikars who want a break from their daily routines. It is the only so called 'pedestrian tourist destination' in the world since no vehicles are allowed there to maintain its ecological beauty.

It is famous for its 'Mini train' which is a narrow gauge train ferrying tourists from Neral railway station to the hill station above. However now it is a thing of the past. The tracks were badly damamged in a landslide and are in a very bad shape. It seems it will take years to get the 'Mini Train' running again.

Now either you take a taxi to reach above or do something adventurous like 'track your way up on foot'. Ofcourse we choose the second option, it was tiresome but it was great fun. Its advisable to track at night when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Here are some snaps of the damaged tracks.

Matheran broken tracks       Matheran broken tracks

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